2023 Association Management


Typically, first-quarter assessments are due on Jan 1, and as all should know, we are currently transitioning to a new property management company. This change-over brings about changes in where assessments will be paid; because of that, the Association will work with its members to get them onto the new system. When the new management company sent the initial information packets for distribution, there was an unexpected delay with the print company. The BOD was informed by property management that it verified the packets were shipped on 12/16. We can only expect the packets to arrive anytime now. Because of delays and management transition, the Association will disregard the Jan 1 due date for 2023.

The members of the BOD have not received any information about the packets’ contents, so they cannot pass any of that information on either. There is a good chance that many members will receive their packets before some BOD members. The BOD appreciates everyone’s patience in this time of change and wants everyone to know that this isn’t something anyone should worry about. Enjoy your time and memories with friends and family during the holiday season.

*Update: If you have already paid the January 2023 assessment, those funds will be forwarded to the new management company and applied to your account. Note that the 2023 fees have increased, so if the payment you made was the same as the 2022 fees, you will have a balance on your account. Once the new system is in place with the new management company, you will be able to see that balance.
The new property management company is Cardinal Management Group.

Jason Congdon
Fox Point HOA BOD President