Annual Meeting 2020

The 2020 Annual Meeting is soon approaching (Dec 6, 2020). Due to the current COVID restrictions, the Meeting will be held virtually. (Zoom meeting info is in the full notice) This means it is really important for as many people as possible to return this year’s ballot. You do not have to vote for one of the three open positions on the BOD but can opt to have your ballot count for quorum purposes only. If we can not get a quorum, the meeting will have to be postponed. Please consider taking the time to submit a ballot. Joining the Zoom meeting will not count towards the quorum either.

An easy way to submit the ballot would be to download Adobe Fill & Sign: Android:
Download the Ballot PDF and use the app to fill out the form. The pen icon will allow you to create/store your signature and then place it in the signature line. The share icon will then allow you to email the signed form right from your mobile device! It can be emailed to election2020 at