CMG Post Card

Fox Point HOA members received a postcard from Cardinal Management Group recently. On this postcard were QR codes that would direct you to various websites for information on their new system Cinc and payment options. For those unfamiliar with how to use the QR codes or who would prefer to navigate to this information via a desktop or laptop computer, the following links will take you to the respective websites.
Please note that the Zoom meeting being held is not a Fox Point Zoom call but a call hosted by CMG regarding their Cinc system. They will not be answering HOA-specific questions at that time.

Registration Link

How To Register video

Learn About Cinc video

Payment Options

January 9th Homeowner Live Q&A via Zoom

Meeting ID: 838 7965 1841
(This is not a Fox Point Zoom but a Cardinal-hosted Zoom about the Cinc system)

Cardinal Management Group