Fox Point HOA BOD / Property Management

First Service Residential: Kenya Cooper, Property Manager

Fox Point Community Mgr 540-891-8677
Fox Point HOA / 24-hour line 540-891-8677
FirstService Residential – Fairfax 703-385-1133
FSR Corporate
FSR Fox Point Connect
(Access your HOA account with FSR)

Members of the HOA Board:

Houston ‘Bootsie’ Howard, President
Wes McClain, Vice President
Chuck Hess, Secretary
Nicole Cole, Treasurer
George Giddens, Director
Karen Clark, Director
Jason Congdon, Assistant Vice President for Communications

Clubhouse HOA Office 540-891-1058
Swimming Pool 540-891-1539

Use the following form to contact the Property Manager and/or the Fox Point BOD. The request is emailed to the ‘’ email address, which is monitored by the Fox Point Property Manager. Typically, the Property Manager is able to field the majority of the questions/requests that are sent in – so they will respond accordingly. Anything that would need to be passed to the BOD would be done by the Property Manager. The Property Manager’s direct email is listed at the top of this page.